Friday, August 9, 2013

The Handicap Van is everything we thought it was (and more):

So, Travis and I went to see the Handicap Van this evening. It is definitely a 1997 Econoline E150 (and I confirmed it has 145,000 miles on it).
It started right away (remote starter) and the lift doors / lift itself are managed from the right front door. When you take the wheelchair and back into the lift, there are also controls on the lift itself to make sure you have complete control..... He drove it around (demonstrating how everything works) and I was stunned how smooth it is. The tires, brakes, suspension all were smooth. The engine was quiet and powerful (and the exhaust works great) All electronics work (except for the light inside the Instrument Cluster.... which I will have to fix). It is needing some cleaning inside, but that is due to the fact the owner fishes a lot (the carpet needs cleaning). The exterior is in good shape for the most part (it is definitely NOT a rust bucket). =)
Essentially, it runs very well, has had recent work done to the suspension, a tune up, exhaust work, etc. and he has receipts on all work he has had done. The drivers seat turns and allows transfer from a wheelchair within the van. It also has a remote start feature so the van can be started during the winter or bad weather before the driver gets into the vehicle. The only interior issue is that driver's seat has 2 tears in the leather (that the owner put duct tape on), and the same thing with the front passenger seat) and I can fix those with a leather repair kit to make the seat look good again. The fundamental interior is sound and is in great shape. The rear of the van is in good shape. It also has an electrical connection for trailers (a hitch only needs to be added). I already have Hubcaps for the tires in the garage (that I can put on). 
The front of the van only has a small bend in the bumper and in the grill (which I can fix for minimal cost), otherwise... there are no major dents or major body issues. The lift has a hand control and allows one to take the wheelchair inside the middle in order to transfer to the drivers seat. It also allows one to take someone in a wheelchair into the van and allows the wheelchair to be tied down).The hand controls are all there and are working. The rear is clean. The owner is also letting us have the subwoofer.
We agreed on a final price of $1,000 (he no longer needs it as he bought a new one that accommodates his limitations more and he is paying it forward by allowing us to get his old one at minimal cost). In my opinion, it is worth about $4,000 given all of the features and the condition the van is in. So we will finish this transaction on Saturday (August 11th).
We are looking at possibly auctioning off the 2003 Sebring for fundraising purposes and if we lost the Mitsubishi because of the $640 monthly cost... we will be down to the Chrysler Town and Country (for Penny's use) and the Handicap Van (for my use). The goal is not having any car payment for the foreseeable future.

Here are pictures taken the other day by the owner and also by myself last night.







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