Friday, May 27, 2016

The Blog WILL continue.

I've come across some journals of Penny's, and there is gold in her words of faith and affirmation.

Travis and I discussed this, and so we will post at least ONE of her journals (unedited - save for 3 personal references that are too private to publish).

Her voice was silenced almost 4 months ago, and if there is going to be any one post that will give Penny's voice back to those who love her (in written form) - it is her journal from 2014 (a day in her life) which covers about every thing that mattered in her life. These will be her words, unfiltered and unedited...... it sounds like Penny as it is her in written form. She loathed sharing on the Internet her true feelings, which is why she never posted to this blog (she was a very private person). However, of this....... of those I have talked to about this, all agree she would be happy to provide inspiration from beyond (and her words of faith and affirmation will be incredibly powerful to those who knew her).

And maybe someone on this world who didn't know her, will be inspired by her words also. Over 17,000 people have read this blog over the past 3 years, and I am hopeful that her upcoming post will be one to inspire and constantly be referred to as long as blogspot remains on the Interweb (and will gather so many more views than anything I have written).

Penny was a special woman, and her voice needs to be heard (more than ever). I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone soon.



  1. I miss her so much, I knew her for nearly 40 years, I know how hard it is Steinar, wait, no, I guess I don't. You need to talk, call me.


    1. I'm taking Travis to Jackie ' s in an hour. Would you mind a visit to the campground?


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