Friday, December 27, 2013

Penny Medicaid letter, Travis' Humana policy, plus Christmas..... =)

We received 2 very important letters today.

The first letter was from Illinois DHS. Penny has been APPROVED for Illinois Medicaid (going back to September 28th of 2013), so the letter will be going to Cancer Treatment Center tomorrow for verification that they will accept Medicaid for her continuing treatment starting January 1st of 2014 and beyond. At this news, a HUGE sigh of relief is around the corner regarding her medical care.

The second letter was from Humana (informing us that Travis' medical insurance will be continuing at the same cost and coverage level).

Blessings such as these are truly a sign of God's hand in our lives.

Today, is my last day of unemployment, so with the good news comes the not so good.       =(

The effort at a financial solution is at full gear...... all I can do is pray a solution becomes available.

We had an very enjoyable Christmas..... and my brother was actually here for it.  The story behind it is not necessary to speak on the blog, but events happened this weekend that precipitated our communication. The hatchet was buried, and we'll see how our interaction goes.

I am going to the VA on Monday to be assessed regarding my ventral hernia.... so my efforts continue to find resolutions to my medical condition.