Thursday, August 8, 2013

Physical labor and acknowledging reality.

I was going to be starting on repairing the brakes on the minivan today. I've had the parts for a while (months now) and Penny stopped me (reminding me that I am not a younger guy anymore and that my legs cannot handle the difficulty of crawling under a van anymore). Given I just turned 50 and still remember being able to do anything I wanted up until recently, this is a difficult thing for me to accept conceptually as I am trying to save us money by doing things myself... and it is difficult to do a lot of what I used to be able to do.

The brakes are getting pretty bad (the drivers side in front is gouging into the left rotor), so they have to be done and soon so Penny can take it over when we lose the Mitsubishi (which appears inevitable at this point). So Penny and I went to our local auto repair shop close by us and saw the owner there (a gentleman who I have dealt with before on a couple of occasions). I asked him if I gave him the parts (4 rotors and 4 sets of ceramic pads).... what would he charge me. He indicated he would charge 75 minutes book time (about $108.00 plus tax). Considering Merlins/Car-X/Midas would normally charge over $600 for replacement of the Rotors and Pads on both axles, that is a fantastic deal and it would be nuts for me to not have it done (and he will warranty the labor).

So we'll be having that taken care of tomorrow.

I am also looking at the Handicap Van tomorrow evening (to see if it is as viable as the owner indicates it is). If it passes muster, I will be picking it up on Saturday. We'll then have a paid for vehicle that I can drive despite any gout attack. We are also looking at selling or auctioning off the Sebring to raise additional funds. At least we have "options" still, and we are trying everything we can to keep our heads above water.

In the interim, Penny's Cystoscopy is coming up soon (so we have a lot of work to do around the house) so life does goes on.

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