Saturday, August 31, 2013

Well, we did it. We just turned in our 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander GT...... =(

Well, we did it. We just turned in our 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander GT. The over $640 a month was too much for this unemployed yokel and disabled damsel (we had almost 2 years of payments done and had 3 more years to go). We took it to the $3 car wash and also vacuumed it out plus cleaned the interior. This was so it was handed over in the best condition possible, and because Mitsubishi allowed us the dignity of handing the car off to the local dealership instead of a fly by nite auto repo guy coming to our house in the nite and dragging it away in front of the neighbors (so we wanted it in clean condition to show we cared and were responsible owners).

Penny was understandably verklempt (picture forthcoming). Our sales guy for the past 4 of 5 Mitsubishi's was nice to us as we said our goodbyes (the Sales Manager walked into the floor vehicle appraiser's office and told him who was handing in a car.... a gentleman who then immediately stopped what he was doing despite being busy with another customer, walked out and then comforted both myself and my wife.... and then walked out to the lot to get the miles off of our now former car. They formalized the handover by having an appraisal document filled out documenting the miles and condition of the vehicle (and us both signing it). Since Penny and I are long term customers, they are going to try and look for a cheap high mile low value (but good running/maintained) vehicle and if they get one in that will get them a couple of hundred at auction, they will offer it to me instead for that price so I can have a backup vehicle. We'll see if that happens, but I have hopes they will keep their word.

Their final words to us was that we tried our best (and that it was "only a car" and that Penny's health was much more important. I agreed. A class organization (even if they couldn't help us in the end). It looks like it would sell for up to 19k (and we'll be stuck with 13k plus fees in regards to the difference between our payoff and the auction amount). We have no idea how we can cover that cost at the moment. Alas, it is what it is. =(


The reason for the lack of almost daily blog posts is due to my recent problems with my left hand. Last Sunday, it blew up into a meat cleaver (my immune system attacked my left hand's joints). The swelling was so bad, I couldn't use the hand.

Penny took me to Sherman Healthcare and I was prescribed Prednisone. 2 days later, I went to my General Physician and was told after all of the testing was completed the previous week, that I am being recommended to see a Rheumatologist. After he saw my hand and how swelled up it was, he definitely can see how bad my joints are. At this point, the effort continues (I can now use my hand again at least).

Penny's pain got worse on Friday and after calling Cancer Treatment Center of America, we were told to go there immediately. We did so and there was no noticeable obstruction after they did a bunch of testing and an ultrasound.

With the pain killer Rx prescribed, we went back home.

One week until the cystoscopy and we are hoping for the best and fearing the worst. It cannot come fast enough......... 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2011 Mitsubishi Outlander GT, we bid you adieu....

To Penny's friends, I am sorry to report:

It is THAT time....... I just got off the phone with Mitsubishi Credit. Unless we come up with $1,900.00 dollars to bring our loan current, we will be turning in the 2011 Mitsubishi on Saturday....... and it will go the Auto Auction route (they are estimating around $20,000.00 for it at auction and we will owe the $12,000.00 left plus towing + legal + wha
tever fees they dream up.
This will be the first time since our first marriage to certain people (ie: our mutual fiscal Chernobyl) that Penny and I are unable to come up with a solution to a financial problem. And it will sit on our credit like a albatross. The upside is, we still have a viable vehicle for her to drive (the 2001 Chrysler) and I will be driving the 1997 Handicap Van. So our monthly spend will be down to one vehicle as a result (we'll only have the 2001 Chrysler's $204 mo. payment for the next 3 years).

Penny LOVED this car as it is 4wd and is the safest car she has ever had, but it is what it is.  She'll still be able to get around to her friends, it just will be with a AAA card just in case.

This too shall pass.......... it doesn't make it feel any better tho. I just thought Penny's friends should hear it from me first. Saturday is D-day, and we'll most likely never own a new car again. Life will start to get interesting from here.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Penny's health issues and preparing for a project.

Penny is not feeling that well today. With her, it is the constant balancing of doing things versus resting. When she overdoes anything, her body tends to take it out on her. Her back has been extremely "hurty" in the past 2 days (sciatica and other pain), she has "Montezuma's Revenge", and is burning in her bladder area (with her left side by her kidney hurting also). Given that is the area of great concern, she starts worrying (especially since she is coming up to the cystoscopy soon).

When this happens, it causes great concern due to the fact that Penny has only a limited number of antibiotics to take... and in this case... she has to wait until Monday morning as the doctor's office is closed (and she never gets a response during the weekend).

On the agenda over the next month:
  • In 2 weeks, Penny goes to CTCA for her Cystoscopy and we'll celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary 2 days later on 9/11 (hopefully at Illinois Beach in Zion).
  • I just applied for Social Security Disability (Gout, Major Depression, Anxiety with Manic Episodes, etc are my present diagnosis'), so that is the beginning of my efforts at requesting benefits.
  • I have 7 weeks of Unemployment left (unless Tier 4 is validated in which I'd get another 10 weeks). We are praying on this one (no matter what tho, December 28th is the deadline for all Federal Unemployment). In this case, life will start to get very precarious without income.
We also are starting to get ready for the project to get the handicap ramp installed onto the rear porch/deck (which will be going down to the driveway). A family friend's ex-husband will be heading the project and providing the labor (along with his son) so I will hopefully have a way to get our wheelchair from the kitchen to our driveway in about 3 weeks. I am repairing our friend's PC (Hard Drive failed) and also repairing her ex-husband's girlfriend's PC so he is going to design and build the ramp for 'gratis' in return for my help on both PC's (I just have to get the wood material within the next 2 weeks). If anyone have any ideas where to get inexpensive treated wood in Illinois, I am all ears. I've already contacted Habitat for Humanity, but they are unable to help with the materials at minimal cost. We aren't going cedar due to cost, just treated lumber. Again, if anyone reading this has extra treated wood or knows where some is available, please post a comment or send an email to

Here is the type of ramp we are trying to install: