Friday, July 12, 2013

4th Chemo treatment today.

Penny's 4th Friday of Chemo has come and gone ( 2 hours and 15 minutes of Penny changing positions so the chemo gets to every aspect of the bladder). Once we were done, we had a free lunch at the hospital and I then took Penny to Illinois Beach right by the hospital as it is a good source of "relaxation / getting away from the stresses of life. Here she is in the sun (and I am under the tree in the shade). We spent 2 blissful hours listening to the waves on the shore (while the sky was beautiful and the breeze was without Humidity with the temp being around 73 by the beach).    :-)

2 more Fridays to go and then 4 weeks after, Penny will have another cystoscopy... which will determine if more radical treatment is warranted..

Thursday, July 11, 2013

My feet are almost Normal...... = )

Here is a breakdown of the past month of Gout.

My left foot balloons (swelling).
My left foot still swelled (with my Right Foot starting to Swell).
Major bruising on both feet.
 Bruising on the outside ankles also.
Now the right foot swells (and right ankles / heels cannot handle any movement).

My feet as of yesterday (almost normal). Incredible when the pictures are lined up and one sees the difference as the progression happens.

Now that I can walk again, I am taking every precaution. I drank very little liquor  before this latest attack, I have completely stopped drinking any liquor now. Penny and I are adjusting our diets completely to ensure I no longer have anything that will increase Uric Acid levels. I am working on my stress and ensuring that I am wearing supportive slippers when in the house (and supportive sandals when I am outside). I appreciate all of the concern and communication from friends and family regarding this latest setback (I am hoping / praying that it will be a very long time before I deal with this again). On August 1st, you can be sure I will be in a doctor's office having blood work done and showing the doctor these pictures so as to come up with a long term game plan regarding my joints/ feet.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

A weekend in review.

So, the past 2 days have brought good.... and bad.

1st, the good...  Penny came back from her chemo and took Travis to a convention. They both came back yesterday afternoon and we went to see the Kane County Cougars in the evening. We had received 5 tickets from the Vet representative from the Woodstock IDES office (unemployment office). We got Right field bleacher seats (where you can get group outings that are catered). So we took Travis and his 2 young friends (Jared and Laura)... to the game. I didn't know it was Military Appreciation nite (I thought the tickets were just for a bunch of vets to go to the game). Of course, when we sat down and I was enjoying a "Brat" and was about 3/4's finished.... I was volunteered to go with the rest of the vets there to do the honor guard. Being a proud vet, I stupidly went about doing it and hobbled while helping hold the flag in the picture below (you can't see me, but I'm one of the vets holding the flag up over his head in the back). After we were done, a baseball game played out (the Cougars lost in a shutout 0-5 )... and we then enjoyed fireworks. A very long day for Penny, but we had a blast. Of course, I should have known... free tickets, free grub, then get volunteered to do something (THE Military experience). :-)   Just kidding tho, we are truly grateful for being provided the tickets and enjoying a nice evening out with the kids.

2nd, the bad... we spent about $217.00 to buy food essentials for the next month (basics we were running out of such as ground beef). When we got home and Travis went to put the food in the garage freezer..... it was off as was the garage fridge (that we use for holding food when we come across clearances to make the most out of our budget over time). So, both were filled with rotting food. I discovered that a Circuit breaker hadn't tripped, but the entire power segment was no longer running electricity (and our garage is only 9 years old). Luckily, we have multiple circuit line segments in the Garage so we found a "live" outlet to plug them into, but we lost all of our frozen food as a result including 2 turkeys and a plethora of meat. And can I describe the nastiness? Poor Penny and Travis were cleaning out both for over 45 minutes (in this humidity) and all that food is a loss (while I was scrounging around the garage to find a working outlet). And now, we apparently have a bad circuit that we need to get an electrician in to find the problem. AND we need to replace that food. ....... Oy.....