Thursday, July 11, 2013

My feet are almost Normal...... = )

Here is a breakdown of the past month of Gout.

My left foot balloons (swelling).
My left foot still swelled (with my Right Foot starting to Swell).
Major bruising on both feet.
 Bruising on the outside ankles also.
Now the right foot swells (and right ankles / heels cannot handle any movement).

My feet as of yesterday (almost normal). Incredible when the pictures are lined up and one sees the difference as the progression happens.

Now that I can walk again, I am taking every precaution. I drank very little liquor  before this latest attack, I have completely stopped drinking any liquor now. Penny and I are adjusting our diets completely to ensure I no longer have anything that will increase Uric Acid levels. I am working on my stress and ensuring that I am wearing supportive slippers when in the house (and supportive sandals when I am outside). I appreciate all of the concern and communication from friends and family regarding this latest setback (I am hoping / praying that it will be a very long time before I deal with this again). On August 1st, you can be sure I will be in a doctor's office having blood work done and showing the doctor these pictures so as to come up with a long term game plan regarding my joints/ feet.

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