Saturday, September 28, 2013

New siding (in one day). The continued power of immigrant labor.

Our house in 2006:

Our house as of last night:

The Eco-shield siding crew arrived on Friday around 7:00 am to start the work (with the materials dropped off at 6:30 am onto our lawn). Again, only one person out of the seven spoke English (alas).   =( 

So, I again stood off to the side to watch the process (and I stayed outside all day to make sure all aspects were done and nothing was skimped on... especially concentrating on making sure I was also seen by the crew that I was taking pictures of the process). Most important to me was that the wood on the siding was in good shape (it was, no small feat as the siding is 110 years old) and that the Dow underlayment was installed correctly along with the PlyDry housewrap vapor barrier to ensure no leaks around the house (and no open exposed areas like there was before the siding replacement today).

Below are the pictures from start to finish (and as of tonight, we officially have new 30 to 50 year siding).  =)  Over $16,000.00 in repairs (and again, still pretty wild considering we are on our last few dollars in the bank).

What a great country we live in.  =)

Now we just need to sell the Corvette in order to survive the next 4 months.