Sunday, August 4, 2013

A beautiful day at Church & then at Coon Creek Days =)

Well, we've had a great day today. Our Sundays always include going to Fox Vallley Church in West Dundee (about 7 miles from our house in Huntley) for 2nd service. Pastor Tom Atchison is usually the head pastor who preaches, but in this case... the associate pastor (Adam Miller) gave an excellent sermon today (Pastor Tom is recovering from being in Cambodia/Vietnam preaching the word there). Pastor Adam has truly grown on me as he has become older (he has learned over time how to reach out to those of us who seek God's truth) and I have also been humbled enough to realize that I need to truly listen to the "word" even if I don't have a connection to whoever is giving the word and I am finally connecting to what he is saying. I think his humbling journey in Arizona was an experience which shows in his present preaching and I am truly understanding the perspective he is giving (and I have been humbled enough in the past 18 months to finally get past myself and be patient enough to really listen).
Penny and I then went to "Coon Creek Days" (a festival in Hampshire, IL.). We first saw what was left of the parade (real tractors from the 40's/50's pulling floats and hay wagons), a true "small town" festival with people of every age enjoying the shindig... especially the children. Penny walked and I hobbled one block from the place we parked into the festival grounds (my right foot being healed enough to walk without a cane). What is great about this festival is that we see our friends from church, friends from our High School days, and most of the people there are busy enjoying the festival instead of trying to get drunk (and cause "drama"). So we sat down before "7th Heaven" was coming on (they are a festival cover band who does 70's/80's/90's/& present music plus some music of their own). Their new lead singer placed 4th one year on American Idol so the pipes are there and they sound great together as a band. We got a place up front (and used our firm camping chairs for our comfort). Penny went into line for the free corn (boiled corn on the cob dripping in buttery juices) and came back with 2 for each of us. And Free????? *Bonus* =)
The sun was right behind Penny when I looked up at her, I was actually smiling the whole time except for this split second (I swear). The tri-color corn? Yummo. =)

Penny actually had 2 ears of corn also (she is starting to get her appetite back). =)

Penny "being Penny" dancing in front of me (she always pays later for the few seconds she dances tho given her back and knees). This is the real Penny most people don't get to see, but I always see (she is very fun to be with). =).

I must say, whenever we look at each other... she consistently looks at me like this (like we are still 2 kids falling in love). It's been almost 22 years of Marriage and enough life has passed that I can honestly say... I can't imagine life without her.

We then saw our friend Walt (who was with his wife Deb in the Beer garden seeking protection from the Sun), Penny's friend Michelle, Travis' friend from school - Jessica, and Dana plus her hubby from High School (along with quite a few others).

Then we went home and stopped by the "Dairy Mart" for dipped Ice Cream Cones and brought home to Travis a Pineapple Sundae. It is clouding up now, but the temperature is a perfect 72 (with hardly any humidity).

A wonderful beautiful day..... and a particular scripture comes to mind to describe it:

Fear not, for I am with you;  be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you,  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

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