Sunday, August 25, 2013

Penny's health issues and preparing for a project.

Penny is not feeling that well today. With her, it is the constant balancing of doing things versus resting. When she overdoes anything, her body tends to take it out on her. Her back has been extremely "hurty" in the past 2 days (sciatica and other pain), she has "Montezuma's Revenge", and is burning in her bladder area (with her left side by her kidney hurting also). Given that is the area of great concern, she starts worrying (especially since she is coming up to the cystoscopy soon).

When this happens, it causes great concern due to the fact that Penny has only a limited number of antibiotics to take... and in this case... she has to wait until Monday morning as the doctor's office is closed (and she never gets a response during the weekend).

On the agenda over the next month:
  • In 2 weeks, Penny goes to CTCA for her Cystoscopy and we'll celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary 2 days later on 9/11 (hopefully at Illinois Beach in Zion).
  • I just applied for Social Security Disability (Gout, Major Depression, Anxiety with Manic Episodes, etc are my present diagnosis'), so that is the beginning of my efforts at requesting benefits.
  • I have 7 weeks of Unemployment left (unless Tier 4 is validated in which I'd get another 10 weeks). We are praying on this one (no matter what tho, December 28th is the deadline for all Federal Unemployment). In this case, life will start to get very precarious without income.
We also are starting to get ready for the project to get the handicap ramp installed onto the rear porch/deck (which will be going down to the driveway). A family friend's ex-husband will be heading the project and providing the labor (along with his son) so I will hopefully have a way to get our wheelchair from the kitchen to our driveway in about 3 weeks. I am repairing our friend's PC (Hard Drive failed) and also repairing her ex-husband's girlfriend's PC so he is going to design and build the ramp for 'gratis' in return for my help on both PC's (I just have to get the wood material within the next 2 weeks). If anyone have any ideas where to get inexpensive treated wood in Illinois, I am all ears. I've already contacted Habitat for Humanity, but they are unable to help with the materials at minimal cost. We aren't going cedar due to cost, just treated lumber. Again, if anyone reading this has extra treated wood or knows where some is available, please post a comment or send an email to

Here is the type of ramp we are trying to install:



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