Monday, November 4, 2013

The changing of seasons & facing the financial cliff.....

So, our effort at trying to make it until June of next year is in full swing (when Illinois Hardest Hit ends), so the effort is ratcheting up as our funds have dried up. Come December 28th, our unemployment ends (with no chance of extending). So we are approaching the Holidays with much to pray for.

Social Security

I find it incredible/ironic that Penny, Travis, and I find ourselves having applied for Social Security benefits at the same time. 20 months ago, we were like most American families and were considered "middle class" with my having a good paying job with benefits (with Penny having no cancer and Travis having just graduated from High School). I had always had a job since I was 14, so it was inconceivable to me that I would ever be applying for governmental benefits (let alone disability benefits).... and yet here we are..... 13 months on unemployment (with only 1 interview during that time).
I will be going to a medical assessment courtesy of the Social Security Administration on November 14th (I received the letter last Thursday), the doctor I will be seeing is an "Internal Medicine" doctor... so it appears that Social Security is taking my application for benefits seriously. Usually, decisions are made within 3 months of such assessments (so I am hopeful that they will actually take into account my present limitations). 

Penny's "Res Judicata" Social Security effort continues. I contacted "The Standard" Insurance Company on October 24th and asked them to have Allsup & Associates (a company that specializes in helping people get Social Security) get actively involved in representing Penny. Amazingly, it has been a week & Allsup still hasn't contacted us (the amount they'd receive is 33% of the Disability Award for fees and this would cover from 2005 through 2013.... one would think they'd be jumping all over this opportunity). The Standard also was supposed to get the 2007 medical assessment records to us by 2 days ago, but we still haven't received them. We need those records to prove to Social Security that they didn't have all of the information necessary to review the Social Security Disability claim back in 2008 (hence..... "Res Judicata"..... ie: to re-open that which has already been decided). We are praying very hard on this one......

Travis' Social Security claim is in process (we've provided everything needed), now we are just waiting for a decision. We've done what we can.

We just may have to seek a Social Security attorney for all of us if nothing happens within the next week with "The Standard". 


I am now covered by VA healthcare (for 2 months) and Illinois Vetcare - Medicaid (for 3 months).... although I don't know how much longer Vetcare will continue as I don't believe that one is allowed both benefits at the same time. I'll know within a couple of weeks. I am going to the VA Optometrist tomorrow in North Chicago,

Regarding Penny and Travis, we tried to access the Obamacare/ACA marketplace website for over 3 weeks (and finally were notified our application completed and that Illinois DHS has the application and that "maybe" Penny and Travis are eligible for Illinois Family Care ("Medicaid"). We just received DHS paperwork to fill out (yet again) 2 days ago, but it appears that Cancer Treatment Center of America does not accept "Medicaid". (I am negotiating that with them as we speak).
We are still only at 14 tickets sold (out of 100)... and it has been since October 21st since the last ticket sold. We are still working out a way to get the word of mouth out there (if anyone has any ideas, we are all ears.... please comment in the comment section and I will get the message directly).

We had a Halloween party for Travis and his friends this afternoon at our house (despite both Penny and I feeling very crappy)... but we had made a commitment to Travis and his friends. They all had a great time hanging out playing games outdoors....

Tomorrow after seeing the Optometrist, I will be seeing the VA vocational unit for help in trying to find a job that takes into account my medical limitations (so we'll see how that goes).

This weekend, I helped a former boss with configuring his next laptop system for his home (and he saved over $1,000 with the approach I took... including having a copy of Windows 8.1 when he is ready to migrate to it in 2 years plus having a new monitor stand / port replicator that works with the laptop's USB 3.0 capability). So he'll have a rock solid solution for the next 8 years.

Time to hit the sack.......


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