Friday, December 4, 2015

The battle for our home is nigh... and more thin ice regarding medical coverage for Penny.

So, today was a grind to force anyone's hand by being a VERY squeaky wheel. My contact at the housing division of the VA (Veterans Administration) was given a heads up of yesterday's response from Wells Fargo and she was floored. So she took matters into her own hands and called up the guy at the Customer Care team. Apparently, this person was unaware that his company had sent to me a Loan Acceleration letter on 11/02/15 indicated the mortgage loan would accelerate on 12/07/15. So now he understands my panic. Curious that, as I forwarded that letter to both his office and the VA two weeks ago. But I digress......

Given the vulture hanging over our heads, the VA rep went to her boss... who contacted the head person at the office handling the "Dependent Claim" portion of my service related disability. That person was told of the situation and that the mere fact that my spouse lives with me should have made the claim an "automatic" claim... not a manual. So that was rectified today and my wife is now attached to my service related disability claim and our benefit will increase by $83 per month. I checked the ebenefits site and it was indeed approved (of course, all of the documentation I had uploaded to their site on 10/22/15 the VA office cannot find... so they "continued" the claim with Travis - not approved yet - but the due date for my response to their 6 questions has already been uploaded along with the supporting documentation about an hour ago).

So now we should have a qualifying change in our status (according to their definition) and Wells Fargo will have me and the VA rep on the phone with them on Monday morning to drive home this fact.

Remember folks at home, ALWAYS be pro-active. ALWAYS be the squeaky wheel (while being respectful and never throwing a temper). The mortgage companies claim that as long as their customers are communicative, that they prefer that to not hearing at all.

They have never been communicated with such veracity as with our case... I can assure you. So Monday is the deadline, lets see if this last $83 (plus including the escrow reduction of $230) for a total positive impact of $313 towards total income. That will put a modified mortgage payment around 29% of total income... well below the federal requirements for a modification.

We shall see what Monday brings.We'll be praying a lot over the next 3 days.

So I went to Illinois DHS today. They have no clue why Penny was bounced out of the Aetna Better Health plan in October. However, they confirmed she will have "Basic Illinois Medicaid" for the rest of the month. So Penny's trip to CTCA (Cancer Treatment Center of America in Zion, IL) next Thursday/Friday is a go for the Cystoscopy. Praise the Lord.

So now, once that is done... we have to go to Illinois DHS before 12/27/15 with evidence she is disabled (and even though SSI has reduced to $0.00, she is still on the books as disabled regarding SSI so all we have to do is present that to their "representative" in Woodstock... and they will try to create a new Medicaid case number that doesn't require going to the MarketPlace (and the Medicaid HMO's being provided in the Illinois Marketplace). So, a lot of praying will be happning on that front also.

What a week........

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

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