Sunday, December 20, 2015

Penny's status is now officially listed as "in remission".

Penny's cystoscopy last Friday (her first since her surgery in July to remove part of a cancerous ureter on her left kidney) resulted in a CLEAN bill of health (no cancer was found and this was her first cystoscopy that didn't require any removal of tissue or a biopsy). So she is officially in "remission".  Hallelujah!!!!!!

Penny is now seeing her future as being bright again (and now believes that she is in the clear - cancer wise - given the removal of the diseased portion of the ureter 5 months ago and that she no longer hurts internally on the left side... for the first time in over 4 years). We are literally giddy with happiness. 

Regarding our home - we are on "Business Day 7" tomorrow regarding a decision from Wells Fargo (they re-opened our case on 12/09 when we received the partial VA dependent benefit letter and a letter from the Social Security Administration showing we will receive a benefit check on 12/31/15). They have up to 10 "Business days" where their underwriter can make a decision under Federal Law. We suspect we'll get that decision on day 10 (December 24th).... as why should Wells Fargo be any different than the government regarding dragging things out to the last day. If they issue a denial now, then we will be going to the Justice Department for help.

January 2016 should be a windfall of benefits (with our having waited almost 90 days for the Social Security Administration to "tag" my case in their system to release SSDI benefits). We will be paying a small chunk in taxes given the back dating also (it is ironic that the Federal Government will be rewarded for dragging their feet by our having enough back dated benefits to put us over their yearly limit of benefits before being taxed). Any backpay will be going to eliminate whatever medical debt and other debt that remains. Incredibly, we will have enough income after this to start saving for the future, paying our monthly bills, improving our home to accommodate our needs (such as a handicap ramp, wider doors to accommodate a scooter, a walk-in tub in the bathroom, etc), and starting funds to help our grandchildren with their future possible "needs". We will also be able to substantially tithe again at our Church. We can start paying it forward to others when the need is there (we are excited about soon being able to do so). I can start volunteering with the Marine Corps League and TLS veterans. The Travmobile will be getting much needed rust repair (and electrical repair) as will our Handicap Minivan.

We are VERY blessed at this point.... and this coming year should be the year our lives turn around for the better.

We wouldn't have gotten to this point if it wasn't for our church, family, and friends. There are so many we have to thank as if it wasn't for the prayers, fundraising help, and words of encouragement.... I haven't a clue where we'd be today. Yes, we are incredibly blessed... 

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