Monday, January 20, 2014

It's official, the doctors won't release me to return to work.

And I am really despondent about that. I can't even pursue employment now due to the nature of my illness.

So, my x-rays showed:
  • "extensive calcific tendinitis of the supraspinatus tendon".
  • "mild acromioclavicular degenerative joint disease"
According to my Primary Care Physician at the VA, my EKG showed my Heart is enlarged... (he then looked at my Testosterone which was 304.... very low and contributes to a enlarged heart along with being heavy) so I now have to account for this regarding my health.

The doctor limited me to lifting 10 pounds (and not lifting with my right arm due to my shoulder).

Also, my Psychiatrist has diagnosed me with:
  • Mood Disorder (296.90)
  • PTSD (Provisional)
  • Gouty Arthritis, Hypertension
The Attending Physician document she filled out was stated with the following"
    • "Has your patient been released to return to work" - "No"
    • "If the employer can accommodate the patients limitations, do you support return to work at this time?"- "No"
    • "If the employer can accommodate part-time work, do you support return to work at this time?"- "No"
So, essentially.... I am not being allowed to work (despite the need to do so in order to provide for my family). Seeing that in writing really brings the seriousness of our situation to the fore. I am now unable to provide for my family in the manner I have done so for over 30 years, and that is a stunner.

So later this morning, I will be taking Penny to the Social Security Administration office in Woodstock to also apply for SSI (since I am no longer receiving unemployment, she is now in the same situation I am regarding "household income") and to find out if they are still working on her "Res Judicata" SS Disability case from 2005 (that we are still waiting for an answer on).

Penny's Pneumonia/Bronchitis is slowly getting better (14 days of illness so far, very concerning to us), so we continue to pray that it will get better and soon.

We just paid our bills up to February 1st (Car Insurance, Mortgage, Natural Gas, Electric, Medicaid Premium, etc.) so we are now facing the financial cliff. And a larger cliff I haven't seen in all my years on this Earth.

But knowing God is watching over us, I cannot help but take solace in knowing that he has our back (and is watching over us knowing our needs).

As we wouldn't have made it this far, without HIM. =)

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