Saturday, December 14, 2013

It's been a pretty difficult week for my wife (the patient) and myself (the caregiver). But Good news in the end... =)

So, things spun out of control at home a little since last week. There are many reasons for that, but fear is at the top of that list. Penny has been worried about her future and the frustration of the return of her cancer caught up with her and with me.
With Penny, she is worried about Travis and what will happen to him if her condition gets worse. Plus, she is still trying to understand what I am going through medically.

On my end, I fell apart myself as I went through watching my wife start worrying again about her future plus my worrying about her medical condition, the Social Security Denial last week regarding my own situation (with a few follow-up medical visits continuing with the VA that included the increase of my Trazadone from 50 mg to 150 mg), the repair issues with the replacement minivan (the overheating and cost involved for repair), the upcoming unemployment deadline on December 28th (with Congress not acting and it doesn't look like they will), the unknown regarding Penny's medical coverage in 3 weeks as her "cobra" is ending soon, and dealing with the familial holiday issues we deal with each year (essentially, the issue with my siblings).

So we both went through some personal pain and miscommunication from last week until yesterday (when Penny found out that the cancer was "low grade" stage 1 and per her urologist, she doesn't have to pursue chemo or other treatment... at least not until the next Cystoscopy in March). WOOHOO!!!!!

Its amazing how the mood lightens up when we get good news (plus, Penny tried really hard to calm me down and did a good job of that). =)  Plus our life group meeting last night really helped brighten our mood also (they truly are awe inspiring and good friends who really care for us and for others). We are the better for knowing them.

So now, I am sitting here contemplating everything (while watching the Chicago Wolves game with Travis and Penny plus Sondra are baking cookies in the kitchen.... so the house feels like a home).

I am remembering Penny and I at Illinois State park in Illinois..... and how far we've made it with her battling cancer (we are at the 22 month mark since she was first diagnosed). This was a little bump in the road and we will be fine.

At the end of the day, we still have some options available to us and we will exhaust everything to ensure Penny continues to get the proper medical care.

My friend Ray:

And now, it is time for me to sit down and write to my friend Ray Kasper (who is sitting in a jail cell at the moment not knowing whether he will ever see freedom ever again). Such a tragedy (that a life can be destroyed by an over zealous prosecution team and a child who knows not the damage she has done).

So I am posting a picture of my friend (with his sister) so people know who he is and so they know that he is both well thought of by others and is deserving of our caring hearts.... not our ire or scorn. He is a victim of the system..... and we won't rest until he is free.

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