Sunday, November 17, 2013

The corvette raffle is getting towards the finish...... and other incidentals.

Our break even point for the Corvette Raffle is $4,500.00. We were offered $2,700.00 for it 6 weeks ago, but we thought that the Raffle would generate more interest (and give us the opportunity to raise more funds for when my unemployment ended... plus give people the opportunity to take a chance in getting a muscle car with favorable odds).

So far, we are at $1,923.15 on the fundraiser with 3 days left. Any and all help in letting others know of the raffle will be appreciated.


The "Hematuria" issue appears to be resolved (no more bleeding from the bladder). The pain has reduced and my bladder control has improved.

I spent Friday at the VA clinic (apparently, my appointments were cancelled beyond last Friday so I spent an hour getting that straightened out). My counselor worked with me to determine that my Primary Care Physician was not acting proactively nor was he engaged in managing my care.... so I requested to be changed to another physician. I will be going back to the clinic on Monday to continue the MST Cognitive Behavioral Training sessions that had been skipped due to my hospitalization. After that, I am hopeful that the counselor will have straightened out my future care needs.

Also, I can't take advantage of the North Chicago medical center when it comes to fitness training due to the distance, but the VA doesn't allow for remote locations for me to go to. So, I am looking for organizations that have pool facilities that are inexpensive (given my limited funds).

Veterans Issues

Last Tuesday evening, I went to a meeting regarding Veterans & Family Services in McHenry (there was a concern that the Veterans Food Pantry project was in jeopardy). There were over 75 vets there and we all were pretty angry regarding the reason why (organizations that receive federal funding cannot engage in the activity of the food pantry..... the people running it HAVE to volunteer and do it on their own time.... the thing is, they already volunteer so much of their time due to funding shortfalls).

Today's storms

Well, the RV awning took a hit regarding these storms...... along with the gazebo and the deck umbrella.  The deck umbrella is in pieces  and our porch gazebo ("Shangri-La") is a twisted mess, we've lost power 3 times this afternoon and I now have to also replace the RV awning.... but the bright side is that the house survived the storms so far (a helacious wind came with the storms but the new siding and roof are none the worse for wear).

We consider ourselves blessed (and we are praying for those people in Washington, IL. and Peoria, IL. who lost homes and property).

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