Sunday, November 24, 2013

An incredible uplifting weekend =)

The Corvette Raffle:

We held the Corvette Raffle on Friday and our lives have been so incredibly blessed since. First off, our Pastor (Pastor Adam Miller) went up and beyond to make the raffle possible by donating his time, his credibility, and the church facilities to do the drawing.

The previous blog post announcing the 2 winners resulted in 67 unique page views (and over 150 pages views of the main blog page).....  so that was a huge surprise to us. We were able to raise almost $2,000.00 with the raffle, so we have enough raised to make it through the end of the year.

However, the winners of the raffle (the Jasker family) proceeded to just blow us away the following day when we were making arrangements to deliver their prize. We were told by email to...... "Hold on, hang in. God is going to turn all things around for each of us His way.  We will call you this weekend, so don't put that car anywhere. ....". When we talked on the phone later, we were told of their plan to help us try to achieve our original $ goal and they asked us to keep the car and try to sell it in order to attain enough funds to help us over the next few months (considering our unemployment ends next month). When we got off the phone, both Penny and I were crying just having been blown away by the Jasker's giving heart.

The ebay listing for the Corvette is at: On that listing, we give full credit to their giving hearts by explaining what sacrifice they made by allowing us to sell the car.

In reference to the laptop, we are sending that laptop to the winner (we'll get it in the mail by Tuesday). I just need to make sure it is packed in such a way that the logistics company doesn't do damage to it during transit.


We also received a Thanksgiving Basket from our church on Saturday (we were one of twenty five families picked for this). Our friend (Deb Wolf) stopped by and delivered the incredible feast of food. What an incredible selfless gift by many at our church. We truly don't know what to say other than how blessed we are by God (and how incredible our church is). We have so much to pay forward, and we will.


We received in the mail, my new bi-focal glasses from the VA. It's the first time I have paid for the lack of postage in 20 years (they didn't have enough stamps on the package), but I now can see clearly (completely) for the first time in 2 years...... and I am very pleased with the results. The glasses were free from the VA (I just had to pay 57 cents for the postage shortfall).... still a great deal and a great blessing. However, I am noticing the lower part of the bi-focal doesn't help with anything between a foot in front of me to two feet (where my laptop or any computer monitor resides... so I have to ask the VA what my options are for that aspect of my vision. 
I will be going to the North Chicago location tomorrow morning to continue the MST Cognitive Behavioral Training sessions and to see the Podiatrist plus Neurologist. My gout attack calmed down yesterday and this morning, but got worse this afternoon so I am hopeful I can get some answers when I get there tomorrow. I am concerned though about the Handicap Van (as it is running rough on Cylinder 5 and 8 per the trouble codes). I am hopeful I don't do more damage to it by driving it before I can get it repaired. =(

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