Sunday, October 27, 2013

The end of a beautiful weekend. Another week coming up, a lot more effort to go.

A wonderful Chili cook-off / hoedown at FVC

We had a fantastic time last night at Fox Valley Church's annual Chili Cook-off and Hoedown. Pots and pots of chili awesomeness, and many were able to work it off with square dancing (unfortunately, we couldn't dance due to my gout and Penny's foot fracture).

We didn't win first prize in the chili cook-off... but it was first in our hearts (and we enjoyed tasting many different types of chili... over 27 pots worth).  =)

Getting ready for winter.

Penny, Travis and I slowly worked on getting the house ready for winter. One upside is that we still have our Montgomery Wards riding lawnmower (it is over 25 years old, but it is still running). It has hydrostatic drive (essentially an automatic transmission), 18 hp, a 46" mower deck, & a grass catcher chute/bag system. It might be old, but it saves us a whole lot of effort. So as long as my left foot and left hand aren't enduring a gout attack, I can quickly cover a lot of ground. As it is autumn and we have 4 very large trees in our east side plus back yard, we have a LOT of leaves. As our mower has a mulching blade also, we are able to break down the leaves into small bits (and Travis helps me by emptying the grass catcher making life easier for me). Penny helped Travis by showing him how to rake the yard and pile up the leaves (Travis then gathered the leaves and put them in a pop up leaf bag and we discarded the leaves / grass / mulched leaves in our compost area behind our fence). Travis helped Penny tremendously (as Penny might have a fractured foot). So the pictures below show our house with the Summer stuff put away (and the autumn stuff having been put up including scarecrows).   =)

The leaves are almost finished dropping (we didn't get much fall colors this year tho).  =(
These are the views of our tree line from our backyard. =)

I cleaned the Corvette also (getting it ready for the next month when the raffle completes). We received the yard signs from so now the website is visible to passing traffic via this sign (we'll see if it is helpful). The signs printed up perfectly (it took 2 weeks though to receive them). A person at a Corvette Forum indicated he will be buying 2 raffle tickets this upcoming Wednesday, so if that does happen.... we will be at 16 tickets. Here are pictures I took of it today.

Proactive unemployment & disability

We have 2 months of unemployment left (so I am looking at my VRAP approval from last April as an option for training / income regarding January through March (2014). I'm still not getting any call backs from prospective employers, so I'll be working with VA "VRU" employment unit regarding what I can or can't do. I have three VA clinic / hospital visits this week, so I will be busy going to those. We are working with Penny's Disability Insurance company to get help for her regarding her "Res Judicata" appeal review and I hope to have this dealt with this week. Travis' Disability claim is just waiting for a decision now (as are my Social Security / VA claims).
It is almost a full time job keeping up with all of this (not easy when considering my many different medical issues), but with God's help (as we have given it to God).... this too shall pass. We still have our home, we have each other, and we are hanging in there. =)


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