Sunday, October 13, 2013 ~ We are up to 10 tickets sold.

We are up to 10 out of 100 tickets having been sold so far in the first 10 days of the raffle (so the amount is presently at $1,282.10 of the $12,500.00 goal).

For those people who have purchased tickets, please spread the news (the only way the raffle works is that all 100 tickets get sold). 90 more tickets to go.   =)

Regarding my unemployment.

God has certainly had a powerful impact in our lives. By the grace of God, we will be able to pay our mortgage and utilities thanks to the hearts/prayers of our church family and friends. The effort to solidify our financial foundation continues, and we are so humbly grateful to those people whose hearts are HUGE and so giving.

We will be going to the Consumer Credit Counseling Service of McHenry County tomorrow to discuss the possibility of... bankruptcy (if my unemployment continues and if my disability claims remain in limbo). We don't want to go this route, but we are at the point that we have to consider all possibilities as our situation is not improving.  =(

Proactive is better than reactive tho, so we will try to stay ahead of financial catastrophe as long as we can while empowered with the best information to move forward. Given we are going into the Holidays and winter, we are trying our best to make it through to the spring "intact". One thing is for sure, medical situations combined with unemployment make for very difficult times. With God's hand in our lives, we have no doubt we will prevail.

Sunday Church at Pingree Grove.

We had a great day at Church. It is getting easier to setup the Café with Lydia and Penny (and Travis is now able to be with us on Sundays since he is no longer working on Sundays). He is looking so forward to finding something to do at the Church (he has such a giving heart). We mentioned to Pastor Tom at the Church meeting last week that we thought the Church may want to look at a LD ("Learning Disabled") program as Travis would love to interact and possibly be part of providing a comfortable atmosphere for others with Learning Disabled children and / or adults. We know of no other Church which does this as a "program", and I am positive that there are families who would love to find a home in Christ (where their loved ones will feel at home and welcome... and not thought of as "different"). It is a dream Travis, Penny and I have. =)

Pumpkin Patch

We then stopped with another family (a member of our church life group) at a local Pumpkin Patch. After enjoying free Christian music and hot cider (and a BEAUTIFUL DAY), we dropped Cindy at her car at Church and went home to the dogs. What a great day this has been.

It is so good to have people involved in our lives who are so positive and supportive. Now we are starting to understand what family actually means (and what others who have families enjoy). Most certainly, our setting up of boundaries with those who seek to put us down has had a major impact in our lives (and those boundaries will remain as long as the enemy uses them to try to get us down a dark path). Been there and done that. No  more.......


  1. It says 2nd prize is a dell laptop what model and whats in it?

    1. It is a Dell Latitude E5400 with Windows 7. I'll update the auction to include detailed information about it's configuration (thanks for asking). =)

  2. I'm asking because I want to buy a ticket but if I lose on the corvette and win the laptop then I win a laptop that according to ebay is worth about the price of the ticket. Doesn't seem like a good deal to me, its an old machine. I can see the old corvette but an old laptop isn't the same old isn't good.

    1. It's configuration is such that it is worth more than $250.00 as configured. It will have a fresh install of all the software plus WIndows 7 (which is preferable to Windows 8) and will be definitely worth the possibility of winning as a 2nd prize. I apologize for not having new, but we are putting up our best assets for this Fundraiser/Raffle (I wish we had a new $1,000 laptop we could raffle).


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