Monday, October 21, 2013 ~ 14 tickets sold. The effort towards normalcy continues.....

We are up to 14 out of 100 tickets having been sold so far in the first 15 days of the raffle (so the amount is presently at $1,794.94 of the $12,500.00 goal).

For those who have purchased tickets... we thank you so very much. Please spread the news (the only way the raffle works is that all 100 tickets get sold). 86 more tickets to go. I am waiting to hear from  if the raffle can be extended to ensure the raffle is successful.


Regarding our home.

Today, we applied to "Habitat For Humanities - Repair Corps." for the repair of our front and rear porch. As they are both needing repair, this is the only option available to us considering our financial situation. I am volunteering my sweat equity to help this organization also, so hopefully we can help the other. As this help is for Veterans, I am trying to do what I can to access that help while the help is there.

Our over the stove GE Microwave stopped working 4 days ago. Luckily, our friends Deb and Walter Wolf donated their White Maytag Microwave to us when they did their kitchen remodel a few months ago. Amazingly, it fit the open spot almost spot on (I just had to drill 2 holes to account for the cabinet bolts). It was also a lot lighter than our previous one, so Travis was able to help me with minimal fuss (it took us 25 minutes) as I was having a minimal pain day. We now have a working Microwave again (at no cost which is a good thing... as these cost at least $150 and up new). Thanks so much to the Wolf's for their giving hearts..........

Our health

Penny's "burning" post-op has almost stopped completely, unfortunately... she is now having problems falling asleep at night (and is still having frequent trips to the rest room). 2 more months to go until the next Cystoscopy... so we remain hopeful things are getting better.

I am still fighting the side effects of the multiple medications I am on (six different medications at last count). I am still dealing with obsessing over certain things and still deal with the lack of sleep at night (plus it is taking me a lot to do things on a daily basis as I am still spending a lot of time staying in the home staying away from people.... the anxiety never totally subsides). I went to my counseling session last Friday and the counselor was on vacation (even though she scheduled me to see her), so I spent the time catching up with my shots (and received my flu shot).


In the interim, it is getting colder and we are running out of decent days before winter. We still have to get the garage organized (I've been trying to get it done for almost 6 months, but my joint pain / gout flare-ups have prevented most of my efforts so far.... that plus all of the weather we've been having.... medical treatments/visits haven't helped).
So, we'll keep at it while we still can before it gets too cold.

"Fear not, for I am with you;  be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you,  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." ~ Isaiah 41:10


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