Thursday, September 19, 2013

Visits to governmental offices and other fun.

On Tuesday, we went to the Social Security office in Woodstock. Travis had an appointment as we have become concerned that Travis needs to have a viable source of support given his deficits. This came about as a result of Penny's 18 months of fighting cancer and the possibility of major changes in our lives.

Given Travis' present part time work and inability to find a full time job that is willing to take a chance on him given his deficits, and the specter of Obamacare right around the corner..... we felt it important to get him situated with getting support that he is eligible for so he is prepared for the eventuality of our not being there given our age and medical condition (as Medicare comes along with Social Security Disability which is important to his future). Given his last 2 medical evaluations which list his deficits in plain medical terms and his inability to get a better job, it is evident his deficits remain to the point he is not employable for a full time job in any meaningful way (that he dreams of). We didn't want to go this route as he has always tried to get past the perceptions of others and achieve independence on his own... but he has hit the proverbial "brick wall" and we have to acknowledge the fact that this may be the farthest he can go. Travis has come to accept this fact and I'm proud of him regarding the fact that he sees the world for what it is (and his place in it) and has decided to deal with the fact he needs help to make it in this world.

We also attempted to right the wrong of Penny's last SSD denial in 2008. We get our day to address that issue at the end of the month via another appointment.

On another issue.... I've tried for over a year to get a copy of my records from the government, and the thing I kept being told was that they were in process of being forwarded (but they never could tell me which unit or where they were). I still don't have them.

When I got out of the Marine Corps in 1988, I made sure that I made a copy of my medical and dental records (so they wouldn't mysteriously disappear..... much like what appears to have happened). It would appear that was the right call on my part.

It literally took almost a year to find them in my garage (and it was amongst the last bins in the garage I had yet to go through). It's been hard doing it over the past year given my joint issues (a lot of moving/searching through "accumulated stuff"). As I was approved for VA Healthcare last week and I'm being assessed this Friday at the VA clinic, finding them is very fortuitous. I've been going over them plus my service records, and my present problems are definitely documented during my almost 7 years in.... so I am hopeful that they will accept my copies and will act on it.

I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I am having found them. In the interim, the 1984 Corvette has been listed on the classifieds so hopefully the ad will be acted upon. As unemployment ends in a month, it is important that the car is sold and soon. 


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