Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tightening of belts, new siding/roof, and Penny's cystoscopy.......

Well, we are so tight on our finances, that we don't go anywhere anymore (and haven't for a while).  Given I go to group therapy twice a week in McHenry, that is the extent of my traveling anywhere (and I try to fit in other stops when driving back and forth to those sessions to keep gas usage down). The only other thing we do is go to Church functions (or to Church). The past 4 days of weather have been blissful and we've had the windows and doors open to let in the outside air (A.C has been off all 4 days). With the rear patio screen installed, the dogs love walking in and out of the house all day (and are much more interactive instead of laying around). "Shangri-La" (our back porch) has been enjoyable to lounge around for hours at a time with music playing in the background and we've enjoyed the leftovers of our cooking up a lot of meat on Labor day on the grill (the wafting smell of BBQ lingers on as a result).

So, we are trying to enjoy our time before Penny goes in for her Cystoscopy (which is not easy to do considering her pain is to the point now that she needs to use her medication quite often). September 9th cannot come soon enough.

This afternoon, Eco-shield will be stopping by to discuss the siding and roof (USAA has approved all of the work.... especially after last week's hail storm), so Penny is looking forward to picking colors for the house. This in itself is surreal, considering we are on thin ice regarding our finances and the mortgage is being mostly covered by Illinois Hardest Hit until next April. The roof HAS to be fixed though regarding the leaking, and since that does have to be done, we need to do the rest also (even if in the long term, we may not be the ones to enjoy it long term). It is the right thing to do (and the insulation issue in the house will get resolved also).

In the interim, we keep praying a job will come along that (despite my recent medical maladies) I will be able to work at least enough to pay our bills. We have 4 weeks of Unemployment left (unless Tier 4 is approved), so this is of major concern. In the interim (in addition to waiting for my disability rating from the VA... which can take up to 2 years regarding the backlog), I have applied for Social Security Disability and Travis will be applying also (given his hours are reducing at work and there are no jobs he is eligible for elsewhere). It is weird it has come down to this as I thought I would be working until I died or turned 67, but the economy is in shambles..... nobody is hiring High School educated former IT guys over 50.... and my body is betraying me much sooner than I ever thought possible.

In the interim, the Pingree Grove FVC church soft launch is this weekend and we'll be missing it while being at the Cancer Treatment Center of America. We are honored to be part of the launching of a new church, it's just frustrating when one cannot be "all-in" when distracted by medical issues.

So, another week in our journey will come to pass and we pray we will have good news next week. Either way, we are blessed that God has provided for us and that we are doing so well despite adversity.

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