Monday, September 16, 2013

Here is the 1984 Corvette (after I fixed the headlight yesterday and cleaned it)

This is the 1984 Corvette that I traded the 2006 Chevy Uplander straight across for last Thursday (with no money changing hands). Yesterday, I actually felt good enough to repair the one major problem with it (the drivers side headlight nylon gear was stripped, so I took apart the assembly and installed a new nylon gear that came with the car courtesy of the previous owner. Both Headlights now work. It has 68,450 original documented miles, the 350 Cubic Inch Chevy V8 (the 5.7 liter), comes with the Delco-Bose AM/FM Cassette, 3 Speed Automatic, A/C (which needs to be recharged), Heat/Defrost, Saddle Interior that is in great shape, cruise, Engine trip computer, etc. It comes with the original build sheet and Owners Manual.

An incredible trade (and the great thing is that the new owner of the Uplander is also happy they have a nice minivan for their burgeoning business). So, win/win for both parties.   =)

Now the goal has been to "trade up" in order to maximize the funds coming in and at this point, I think it will be difficult to get much better and the money is needed as soon as possible. The Corvette is earmarked for our fundraiser coming up or to sell outright (we certainly wish we could keep it as it is serious American Muscle Car goodness plus Travis LOVES it as it is the first muscle car our family has had in our driveway), however... our finances are the most important thing to shore up right now.

Here are pictures I took this afternoon of the car (and if anyone is interested in the car, they certainly can always make us an offer).... just email me at




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