Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A wonderful Labor Day. =)

So, this morning started off with adding a magnetic screen to our rear porch door (so we can have our rear door open and the insects stay out while the dogs can go back and forth between the outside and inside). Given that the previous attempt ended in failure (the included Velcro tape tabs were used and which failed horribly), I drilled out holes in the frame to attach the screen via screws/washers. This worked fantastically. =)

We cleaned Shangri-La, put the Kingsford Charcoal BBQ Grill onto the rear deck and kitty cornered it, and then did "indirect grilling" where the chicken and sirloin burgers were grilled/smoked to perfection. Travis' friends Laura and Jared came over to celebrate Jared's 24th birthday (and our friend Lydia stopped by also). =)  We did so while listening to 95.9 (the "River") in the background and the water fountain/feature bubbling it's brook-like background also.

We then watched Men in Black III plus Riddick:Pitch Black (and did a Bonfire in between movies). A fantastic labor day and we hope Jared enjoyed his day with us and the family. =)

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