Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Well, that didn't work out that well. The Mitsubishi dealership can't do a thing about our situation.

We had to deal with our Insurance Company today regarding the Hail/Wind damage to our home (and the claim that we had to open to deal with the roof leak due to the shingle damage, the escalating shingle problem on the west side of the roof plus the damage to our porch windows which we had to replace). This will be at least a 4 week process (we hated to file a claim as our deductible will certainly make things even harder on us, but after the contractor looked over the home... it is evident we need to initiate repairs before the house gets any worse... especially before winter). The Insurance Company will be sending an independent contractor (rightfully so), I just hope that they are realistic regarding the issues noted by our contractor.

I emailed the Mitsubishi dealership at about 4 am this morning (with pictures of the 2006 Uplander attached to it). As I was working outside this afternoon along with taking some items back to Menards, I had received no response to my email. So I went to see them this afternoon.

Not only did they indicate that they "can't" contact Mitsubishi Credit for us, but the amount offered for the Uplander was a horrendous $2,000.00 (despite KBB.com estimating Private Party worth as $5,500.00 and trade in value as $3.500.00). Apparently, dealerships now go by auto action prices (funny thing, a 2004 Pontiac Montana with 96,000 miles, 2 rear drum brakes, and some rust is on their lot for $5,995.00). That being the case, the 2006 is almost mint condition and should go on their lot for at least $6,500.00. I think the auto dealerships are so desperate for profit, that they had gone "mad" and lost all sense of what could even be construed as fairness (and are no longer capable of compromise in the effort to exploit na├»ve people). To be sure, we will never be purchasing a new or used vehicle from a dealership ever again (this only reinforced my opinion of them). I wasn't expecting them to be able to resolve our issues, but I was at least hoping they would be reasonable with us (being long term customers of theirs). An absurd thought in hindsight.......

So we sat down with a family friend tonight and we discussed the Auto Auction idea (we should know more by tomorrow night if that is even viable... she will be getting with a few different dealerships she knows to see if there are.... options). I also have to contact a 3rd party negotiating company to discuss our handing over the Mitsubishi so tomorrow is a very important day in dealing with that final financial albatross.



  1. After reading your posts I must conclude that only a person who doesn't think things through would go out and concoct a deal for a car to trade before contacting the dealer to see if the idea would work or not. Now you have a extra car and a van you spent 1000 dollars on just in case you can't walk. Being a vet myself I was taught to plan ahead, not behind and see if it works out, a simple phone call would have saved much aggravation indeed.

    You call this preparing most people would call it poor thinking. I looked up the values of both cars and find the dealership acting as any would, you can't expect high retail, that's what the dealership will ask for and expect. You sir have to expect trade values which always favor the dealer, I don't know how you can't know this as I assume you have been on this earth long enough to know better. What you learned is to not trust a dealer, everybody else already knows this. Some helpful advice for the future think first, don't make an excuse to make a decision ok when deep down you know its not smart. I am sure you think the chevy will still work out since the convertible is gone, perhaps it will however you find yourself in the same situation anyway. Good luck.

    1. Mr. Johnson,

      thank you for the comments (they are very appreciated). And thank you for your service to our country, you are to be commended for said service.

      The reason why I started this blog was to show other people in much the same situation what ensues when dealing with adversity (the good, the bad, the ugly) and to hopefully show what works and what doesn't. In this case, I could have better handled this (to be sure) and as you have noted, a different approach would have been better. But please note, I am no worse off than before (and at least, I can drive this minivan much more comfortably than the Sebring). And people reading this will see that most dealers will not consider adversity and will note it for their own situations in the future.

      Just so you know, I had contacted the dealer before by phone last week and they said they would "do what they can" once they found out what I was coming with. Considering that 18 months ago, they had bought a car off of us and at reasonable amount (which is how I got the Sebring later in the first place), my expectation was not unreasonable (especially considering that our effort was situational and they knew what I was trying to accomplish). The gentleman (who I normally deal with) was not there anymore (unfortunately)... so bad timing on my part (when one barters, one has to act quickly when presented with an offer). The Sebring had 185,000 miles and was on a 2nd engine (so it was not viable to use for trade or to sell at a decent price... and KBB, Edmunds, or another pricing entity cannot take that into account like many people in real life actually do). It was worth "maybe" $3,500.00 to the average layman. Chevy Uplanders in good shape are averaging over $5,500.00 in the marketplace (and I did the legwork reviewing the usual websites regarding dealer pricing). Please note, that I will continue to try to work out a deal somewhere / somehow (as I have been pretty successful up to this point in the past 11 months).

      Regarding expectations from a dealer. I have had extensive experience dealing with them. The guy who I met with yesterday didn't know me and didn't consider our situation (and lowballed me on both cars)... it is that simple so it is what it is. The fact that I still have the Uplander, it is in great shape, etc. means that it is still a viable solution for the future (either to be used or sold or auctioned) and considering it is a 7 passenger vehicle that gets great gas mileage plus is in great shape and only has 124k on the odometer, my options are much more than when I had the Sebring... especially as the summer winds down and people are looking for a vehicle for the winter.


    2. As for the Ford van I also got for $1,000.00 (so I have a vehicle to use with a wheelchair), I would think that was thinking ahead... especially considering how much such vehicles normally cost and it ensures I have the ability to commute despite having an extreme gout attack (and that to me is "priceless"). When I am done, I will have the 2001 Chrysler Town and Country that my wife will drive, and I will have the 1997 Ford E150 (and that is good enough for me).

      Please consider this.... I have been unemployed for 11 months while my wife has been undergoing cancer treatment (6 hospitalizations), we still have a roof over our head (with the help of "Illinois Hardest Hit"), her cobra is paid up to date, I now have Medical Insurance (Illinois Vetcare), our son still has medical insurance, and we've had transportation without losing any of our vehicles yet, etc. I am not patting myself on the back (just so you know), I am just noting that in this day and age.... pulling off such a feat with "unemployment" is darn near impossible. We have engaged in selling off everything that we own, we've had the help / support of many friends, and without God in our lives, none of this would have been possible.

      I would consider that an end "result" regarding the big picture.

      One is bound to come across a negative result now and again, one just continues hammering away from different angles until a better result happens. That "aggravation" was nothing of the kind to me, it was just a slight bump in the road (nothing more). =)

      I hope that you will read my earlier posts (especially the one about paperwork), as I'd be interested in your viewpoint on that.


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