Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Well, the Shed is FINALLY painted (and we did it with the help of a family friend). =)

It took TWO years, but the Shed is finally completely painted!!!!!  WOOHOO!!!!  =)

Now we just have to install the maroon shutters (that we got 2 years ago).
This is the before picture (a few weeks ago).

A family friend's son came over to paint the upper part of the Shed (he used a power paint sprayer that Penny received from her father a couple of months ago). It took about 2 hours, but the paint went on pretty cleanly (and we gave him $50.00 for his effort). We normally would have done it ourselves, but Penny cannot climb ladders anymore due to her had knees and back (and I can't climb ladders anymore due to my gout), so this has been needing to be done for a while now. Very frustrating when one used to do everything up to a couple of years ago.......

Our Insurance Company's independent inspector also came over around 3 pm as well and inspected our home regarding our claim. He confirmed we do have a 30 year roof, but both it and the garage have "Organic" shingles.... and the shingles on the house are disintegrating quickly (especially on the south and west sides of the home). The roof was installed in 2002/2003 by the previous owner,  and 2003 is when they stopped being sold. Lucky us. Apparently there was a class action lawsuit against the manufacturers of  this type of shingle and we didn't know about it as we weren't told we had an Organic Shingled roof. So now we are on pins and needles waiting to hear the decision of our Insurance Company within 2 to 10 days. Also, the hail damage is inconsistent (so we don't know if the siding will be dealt with in addition to the roof issue). Ugh........

We'll try to keep positive about it, but dealing with home repair issues gets very frustrating the older one gets.

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