Sunday, August 11, 2013

Travis and I went on a little adventure..... and picked up the Chevy Uplander. =)

So Travis and I went for a trip yesterday to trade vehicles (the Chrysler Sebring Convertible for a Chevy Uplander) and the other gentleman and I met at the halfway point (Plymouth, Indiana). Of course, Interstate 90 was a parking lot so it took us longer to get there than I had originally anticipated. We met the other owner and his wife. He admitted the Sebring looked/ran better than he was anticipating so they seemed very happy with the trade (I must admit, it was sparkling in the evening light and looked awesome.... but my throbbing right foot from the drive reiterated the fact we cannot use the vehicle anymore due to how low it rides and how uncomfortable my legs are in such a setup). Travis and I enjoyed the endless fields of corn and how beautiful the Midwest is in August and did a lot of talking (we caught up talking about many things, which was enjoyable).

The upside is that this transaction only cost $15.00 (for the gas I put into the Sebring to get to Indiana), that's it. There are a couple items with the van that I will need to address over the next couple of days (I need to have a rear passenger tire replaced as it is cupping on one side of the tire and the front dash cup holder needs to be reinstalled correctly.... I will work on those tomorrow), but otherwise... the van is in fantastic condition (as can be seen by the photos below). It cleaned up very nicely today at the $3 car wash (and the armor-all cleaned up the tires very nicely also).  Now, I will be taking it to the Mitsubishi dealership tomorrow afternoon and seeing if they will take the 2006 Uplander plus the 2011 Outlander to eliminate our loan that is left on the Outlander (we owe $32k and it is worth around $24k... so the difference is about $8k that we need to make up for... which I hope the Uplander will do). Much prayer will be needed in this endeavor.... as it will be a true miracle should we be successful. If we pull this off, the only major monthly payment we will have will be the mortgage (the Town and Country is $204 a month which is still affordable considering how well the vehicle runs).


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