Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tomorrow, we will finish painting the shed..... after starting on it 2 years ago...

It has only taken 2 years for us to get this done (d'oh). A family friend has "volunteered" to help as it is the 2nd floor gable area that still needs to be painted (and Penny and I are no longer able to climb a ladder without major pain).

We are exited to finally get this task complete (and we will be giving the volunteer a stipend for helping us).

One thing that happens when dealing with adversity that we learned from my mother's battle with Cancer, things that one used to be able to do basically goes by the wayside when dealing with the treatment along with the paperwork plus the physical weakness associated with it. It hasn't helped that my gout has gotten worse either during the past 18 months.

With adversity, comes the inevitable inability to get physical things done. We are so ready to downsize, I can't even begin to describe how happy we'd be at a condo or mobile home park (where the mowing is minimal or non existent along with home repair). We are 5 years away from being able to be allowed into an over 55 mobile home park, and I for one am looking forward to the possibility.

In the interim, we have a bunch of things to get done and are quickly running out of Summer in which to get them done (so we are hopeful that we will feel good enough to actively clean out the garage and have enough days without rain to make that so. 

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