Thursday, August 15, 2013

Baby steps..... coming up to Penny's cystoscopy.

So Penny's cystoscopy  is coming up soon (on September 9th), and we are cautiously optimistic. She is not showing any evident signs of blood in her urine, so that is a positive. She is showing signs of low grade fevers tho (along with lethargy and thinning hair) so we hope that is just a result of the chemo and that such symptoms will slowly go away. I will be getting the trailer ready next week for the weekend of the procedure so I have a place to stay at Illinois Beach (and so we can enjoy Illinois Beach together for our 22nd wedding anniversary). We are hoping that we'll get access to "our tree" at the Beach so we can enjoy God's playground (we are very enamored with that location).

I will be stopping by the Psychiatrist's office in McHenry this afternoon (I was referred to one last week). Apparently, since my "Vetcare" is considered Medicaid, there are very few options out there regarding Physicians who accept that Medicaid.... so my trip today is to initiate treatment (but I will have to wait over a month to see the Psychiatrist himself). So, I will be living an example of the future regarding Governmental Medical care such as ACA/Obamacare... so it is a good thing I am only dealing with Anxiety and Depression instead of something more serious.

Now that the Shed is finished, I can concentrate on clearing out the garage (as soon as the latest gout attack on my right foot subsides). Plus, I've been applying for multiple jobs online and I am seeing more out there along the lines of what I do, so I am hopeful that something will become available soon. This week is a beautiful week weather wise (low 70's. low humidity) so Penny and I will be taking advantage of "Shangri-La" later this afternoon and listen to the water feature while enjoying a liquid beverage. And then tonight, Travis and I get to see 'Da bears and we will watch with interest whether their Offense finds consistency.   =)


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