Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wow, is it HUMID or what?

So, I attempted to clean the front porch and to put foam in the window frames to ensure they are able to keep weather out of the porch (a job needing to be done for 3 months since I installed the windows).

Bad idea........

The foam reacted to the heat and started to go beyond the frame (and got onto the actual face of the new window and the lower left corner of the screen). Rats.......

I spent the next hour constantly cleaning up what turned into overspray and cleaning the foam off the corner of the screen. Note to self, wait until the heat/humidity reduces by this weekend. And since the foam is yellow, I have to fix it and soon as it is unsightly. So when done, I sat on the recliner sweating from being outside and turned on the fan....(Penny had found a black fan in the basement 2 days ago and I put it on the speaker next to the TV stand and pointed it at me since she does not like fans). Bliss.

Please note, we have a 110 year old farmhouse that actually HAS Central Air so we are very lucky. However, ceiling fans accentuate the A/C and the living room is the only room downstairs without a ceiling fan (so the Black fan is a welcome addition to add to comfort).

One thing is for sure, the Heat Index was 100 today..... and I am thankful we are not living more than 60 years ago (when A/C was just a dream and people just toughed it out).

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