Friday, July 5, 2013

What a great day - I'm approved for "Vetcare" (Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services)

God has really worked wonders in our lives today. :-)

This afternoon, we received from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services - an approval from the "Vetcare" office (HFS Mediplan). An actual "Approval". :-) 9 months effort finally ends with a result!!! <Excellent.> The monthly payment for this coverage will be $40 a month (and eligibility starts on August 01, 2013). So I'll have standard co-pays regarding Doctor's visits ($15), ER visits ($50), and Hospitalizations ($150). At least, now I can find a way to have my gout / joint disease addressed by medical professionals. :-) Oh happy days.

At this point, I just have to find out if there are any Illinois Hospitals / Providers who actually are still accepting this type of medical plan still (since the State of Illinois is on average over 1 year behind in paying claims).
We'll still pursue federal VA healthcare for the long term, but at least I now have "something" regarding medical insurance.


Penny went for Chemo Treatment #3 and her friend Michelle went with her this time). I am beginning to think that she is using the time to get away from me and to spend time with others. Nahhhhhh, she just wants me to heal (at least that is what she tells me). <J-K>  :-)

Hopefully, the chemo continues to not cause any adverse effects (other than sleepiness and achiness). I should be back in her corner next week to provide support / spousal angst.... ;-).


In other news (the feet that won't stop causing me untold pain)... you can see in this picture that it is my right foot now throwing me for a loop. It travelled from my left foot (left big toe and ankle) to my right foot (right big toe and ankle) to the top of my right foot where it swelled to where I couldn't bend the foot to step on with the heel then throwing sharp pains up my leg being the latest... to the point I blacked out and fell onto a recliner last weekend).

Using Tramadol this afternoon, I was able to leave my house this afternoon (with the use of my mother's cane). My right foot was actually able to handle some weight put onto it today (I took 3 aleve last night and 3 aleve this morning in an attempt to get past the sharp pain in my right heel). Using a special open shoe/sandal that closes with Velcro, I had enough cushion on my right heel to handle weight enough to use a cane. I then went to pick up the Wheelchair Lift from Roscoe Illinois from a Christian couple who treated me with kid gloves and bunches of respect. After reading the directions that come with it, the lift will work with any minivan / van). I came home to the letters from the State of Illinois, and a relief went over me like you wouldn't believe. Just the act of getting up no longer fills me with fear.... and to do so with confidence? Priceless (especially when I haven't done so for 2 weeks... especially when I was at a point that I thought it wouldn't get better and I was contemplating seriously that my medical condition was not going to improve).

I haven't a clue how other people can do it while working when they get a gout attack this bad, but I now have to rethink what my job options are (and have a doctor give me a realistic assessment of what I can handle from this point on). The relief though that I can go to the restroom or take a shower now whenever I need to now is such an incredible gift, I cannot begin to describe it. The means to care for oneself after losing the ability to do so (I guess it was time for me to understand what Penny went through 17 months ago.....). Ok God, I got it. Lesson learned. Our diet WILL be followed to the letter.  


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