Sunday, July 14, 2013

We went to the Lake In The Hills "Rockin' Ribfest" yesterday

Penny and I enjoyed a nice late afternoon and evening at the local festival (LITH Rockin' Ribfest). We drove to it in the convertible with the top down (so we enjoyed the nice 75 degree non humid weather and the sun shining down on us). 

Since Penny is disabled and has a Handicapped Parking placard, we got lucky and managed to get the last available parking spot close to the venue. I was actually able to walk from the car to the stage grounds with not too much trouble (we carried our camping chairs with us). We then watched "Heartbreak Tonight" (an Eagles tribute band).


Penny picked up some Iced Lemonade for us plus corn on the cob for each of us, and summer was officially "on" for us. It reminded me of seeing the same band when my mother was still alive in 2009 (she saw them with us at the "Sunset Fest" and enjoyed them immensely). I haven't spoken about my mother yet on this blog, and I will when I find the words to honor such an incredible plus amazing woman (it will take a lot of paragraphs to do so). She LOVED much of the same music her children did and she lived for going to Festivals with us (and we went to many during the last 10 years of her life).

My mother (Anita Fletre Andersen 12/07/1940-11/29/2009). 

So, the second group was "Soul Asylum" (director Kevin Smith's favorite group). Penny was definitely not taken with the group:

As you can tell, they are LOUD.......... (I was fine with it, Penny was not). Think pre-Nirvana alt rock / grunge......

We enjoyed a BBQ sampler from "Candy Red BBQ", so that kept costs down while providing us some serious BBQ goodness. It then started to get too cold for Penny, so we went home after that (with the top up on the convertible).

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