Sunday, July 21, 2013

Church and a day of bonding with others. =)

We went to church today and got some old fashioned religion (very needed after the past couple of days). After that, Penny went to Woodstock with her friend Lydia to see the following group in the town square at the Gazebo. Here is an example of their music: Brother Sun + Their cover of "In the name of love" + Lady of the Harbor. Their website is at:

Lydia and Penny met the band members afterward (and she went and bought a CD for herself and for Penny). The band even signed the CD jacket. :-) The CD is "Brother Sun" and we now have another song that Penny thinks is our new "our song" (Track 11 - "All I want is a garden"). I listened to it a few minutes ago and I love it ( ).

So while Penny was bonding with our friend, Travis and I went to see the movie "Pacific Rim" this afternoon. We went to the Classic Cinema 12 in Carpentersville (since we don't mind the older theatre seating and the price is right at $5.00 each for a first run movie). Travis knows we are trying to save money, so we ate first at home before going to see the movie. It was a good time to have a "Men's afternoon out". We enjoyed the movie and came back home and enjoyed the evening with Penny watching the movie "Mercury Rising" on the Bounce TV channel.

Tomorrow, we will be making every effort to get past the latest "drama" caused by the "Family Friend" the past 2 days... as there will be repercussions. It is a shame really, as Penny took this person into confidence many years ago and that person choses to use the Internet and these blogs to try to create strife within a family (not Christian-like behavior in any way shape or form).

After that, we hope that most of the negativity in our lives will diminish while we concentrate on Penny's health and my effort to find employment.

In the interim, if there are any questions or concerns (that anyone who knows us might have about our posts) or if you want to make any general comments / observations..... please, do write in our comment section (each blog post allows for comments). No question or comment is unwelcome, we only ask that respect be shown given this is a Public Blog.

Penny's last chemo treatment is this Friday, and then it is the 4 to 6 week wait for the next Cystoscopy (the roller coaster continues).

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