Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The power of prayer. It is amazing the difference a day makes

Last night, my foot looked like this:
This morning, I actually woke up...  at 7:30 am (which means.... I actually slept... which also means I didn't need to crawl to the bathroom all night). "Whew": Halleluiah <woot>.
The wonderful power of Prayer (many at our church and amongst friends were praying for my improved health). :-)
So, the throbbing in my right foot is now down to a roar. I still can't put any weight on it, but I was able to use the folding chair this morning as a means to get to the restroom (I have a small pillow on the chair and use it for my right leg to lean on when moving... it is hard to describe how I do this, just think of it as it is holding my body weight when moving forward).
Which means that my going to the restroom no longer is the fear inducing process that it was (up to last night).
I will be trying to put a small amount of weight on it later this morning (and try to work my way towards putting enough weight on it to be able to stand). Baby steps.......
By the way, Penny should be nominated for sainthood (she has been my rock during this medical crisis). She has fed me, prayed with me, tried to make me as comfortable as possible, and made my taking a shower yesterday even possible. Despite her medical limitations due to her own medical issues... she has done everything possible to make life easier for me. I cannot even begin to thank her enough.

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