Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Hurry up and wait experience.....

So, yesterday......

I walked outside to a beautiful day (absolutely, drop dead gorgeous blue sky and 70 degrees).

I had the day mapped out to get a lot done and then I see it. A wire from the power/telephone pole is draped in between Penny's and my car.


So I walk over and it is still attached to the AT&T box on the side of the house, but it came off a insulating ceramic connection that was above it (keeping the wire at the 2nd story level). Oh, and my Internet is still up.

So I gingerly moved the cars away from the wire by driving on the lawn to get around it, and then call AT&T repair. Folks, this is no longer your "Ma bell"... 45 minutes spent going through prompts and different departments to finally get to "Repair". I indicate to them it is draped down from the pole and it impeding both the front of the driveway and is a hazard to people who use the sidewalk in front of our house (since the park is a block from us, many young people) walk the sidewalk in front of us and you can be sure there will be someone who either won't be paying attention while their ipod/iphone is blasting in the ears and will walk into it or someone else will play with the wire causing more issues and possibly causing harm to themselves / our wire. They prioritized it and indicated that it is at the front of the line since it can cause an issue to the public. So, I got the driveway cleared so they would have access to the area needing repair. And I waited..... and I waited.....

In the interim, we had appointments (at Illinois DHS) for an interview over our financial situation. Travis and I left for Woodstock at 1:30 pm, and of course, came upon an accident 3/4's of the way (forcing us to be late as the police blocked movement on both sides of the road until the wrecker cleared the vehicles from harms way). I got the call from DHS wanting to interview us, and I indicated I was 7 minutes away and I asked for her patience. Nope, it has to be now otherwise she will get behind (mind you, the 6 binders of information I was armed with in my back seat had all of her answers). So I said Ok and pulled off the side of the road and went though the Interview over a 30 minute time period (and since I am in the Convertible, we are exposed to the noises of the extensive truck traffic... a formation of planes flew overhead during the call, and a McHenry County Sheriff stopped to check on us since we were on the side of the road and I had to explain I was on the phone with the State of Illinois and pulled over so I could concentrate on the call and not be a hazard to other drivers)....... OY!!!! The thing is, my documentation was filled out and she would have finished the Interview in 10 minutes if she had waited for me and would have exact information to boot (versus some guesses as to exact dollar amounts). She told me when I drop off the paperwork, I can make copies of specific items when I get there (that the front receptionist will help).

So when the call was done, we take off and do exactly that. Only, the receptionist will only make copies if I hand over the documents a few documents at a time (even though business is slow and there are only 2 people waiting in the waiting area). Ugh......

So we dropped off what I had already made copies of (I had spent 3 hours collating the paperwork to ensure we had everything and ran out of time to provide make copies of everything as I thought we would have the opportunity to finish doing so at DHS) and I have to go back there with them. One would think that if they were trying to help those in need (especially the unemployed or single parents who don't have access to copiers without paying 10 cents a page), that they would have a specific machine dedicated to that purpose in the waiting room. That would eliminate a lot of frustration regarding the paperwork that DHS requires.

Travis and I then went to the Social Security Office to start work on his Disability Claim. And we find out that on Wednesday's, it is only open from 9 am to noon (????????????). Really?

So, licking our wounds..... we went to Tommy's to grab a bite to eat (the $5 pasta special) since we were out for so long and he had forgotten to eat earlier in the day.

We got home, and the wire was still in the same place (AT&T had not been by). I had to stop in front of our house (we had to be careful pulling into the driveway) and I was waving the person sitting behind us around us. He sits there... and sits there (at least 25 seconds). He finally pulls up beside me yelling at me "why I was blocking the road?". I point to the wire in the driveway and mention "don't you see that wire in the driveway and didn't you see me waving you to go around me"? Now just to picture this, we are in the old convertible with the top down, and there is no way he cannot see me waving him on. Oy.

I then cut the lawn (with the trusty ol' 25 yr old Montgomery Ward riding mower) and Travis moved the swings and obstacles (and emptied the grass clippings). We got that done, and we started to work on the rear deck (replacing the 4 year old rope light on the rear gazebo that sits on our rear deck). We got that done, and then started to put up the replacement canvas canopy on the gazebo. 15 minutes later, we are taking the canopy down as even though the box stated 10x10, it is actually 11x11 (they had to wrong replacement canopy in the box). Oy. While we are doing this, Travis and I are stung by wasps that are now streaming out of our deck bench. Our dog Maggie was stung in the nose, I got 3 in the leg, and Travis was stung twice (in the leg and right hand).

"There's the sign". Time to wrap things up, and nurse our wounds. So we went to take the Replacement Canopy back to Target, got the refund (not bad considering we got the canopy in the spring and it was past 90 days since purchase). When we got back, I carefully cleared off the deck bench and used a broom to open the bench. Aye Carumba, there are 2 HUGE nests in the bench (one was particularly large and "juicy"). I took the wasp and hornet spray and doused both nests. So the pests are now pushing up daisy's and we called it a day.

Still no AT&T, so I gingerly put both of our vehicles back in the driveway (we can't leave cars in the street overnight, as Huntley Police will ticket residents who do so).

It is now the next morning, and still no AT&T.

I called them and the ticket was on hold. I professionally urged them on (using the right words such as "danger to public and our son") and we are now waiting for them to arrive (we are allegedly next on their dispatch list).

Please note, the above are not "complaints" per se, they are observational so one can see what seems to be our average day (things could be a lot worse, like living in Kenya and starving so we do have perspective, it's just the irritating things that wear people down).

Another wonderful day in paradise (praise be to God). :-)

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