Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chemo: The hair, anything but.. the hair.....


No AT&T this morning either, so I left around 10:45 am to help a friend. Just before I left, Penny remarked to me that she is definitely losing hair now (and if there is one thing "Lotsa Hair" doesn't want to lose... even tho she knows it may happen, it's losing her hair). =(

It is thinning and we hope that is as far as it goes. otherwise, we have a church friend who can weave / make a Human Hair wig if Penny decides to go that route. As tomorrow is the last chemo treatment before the next cystoscopy, we are hoping that it will stop once the chemo ends. I've told her I love her no matter if there is hair or not (and I'll even get my head buzz cut to match her), we'll just have to wait and see.

I took the Sebring to get the standard tire air check done at Discount tire later this morning (the entire drive was top down as the weather is incredible.... especially for late July). I then went to help a church friend (Brigitte) with her PC's access  (consistent AT&T dsl problems). 15 minutes after repairing that, I went 2 doors away to help her 89 year old neighbor who is pretty ill and who is trying to maintain her independence (she was having issues with using her email / facebook / bank website /etc). I spent the next 2 hours automating picture upload when she connects a camera, writing down all of her online account ID's and Passwords (I had to go through multiple notepads of jotted down notes to find them), and then set up 5 tabs within Internet Explorer that leads to all 5 of her important websites. She is now fully automated. The hard part is that she would not let me leave without giving me $30.00 (after 10 minutes of her asking me to accept it, I relented). I look at occasional help as paying it forward (especially given all of the help Penny and I have received this far), and when dealing with people with a fixed income, I am not there to profit from their inability to use a computer. Alas......... 

Being that I parked the car in our friend's driveway, it was almost like pulling into a bush/ivy//tree tunnel (it has grown over her driveway in an arch like manner - I felt like I was in a German Garden).

Being the idiot that I am, I left the top down (failing to remember what sits in trees/bushes in my haste to help and then leave to get done what I had planned for the rest of the day) and when I got out 2 1/2 hours later........ D'OH!!!!

I went to the $3.00 car wash for an extensive bath, and got home (after AT&T had already been to my house to repair the line from the pole to my house and they put it in the same place as it was previously where it can smack into the side during a storm).
So, speaking of storms...... later this afternoon, 2 gentlemen from "Eco Shield Home Design of Roselle stopped by the house to let us know they were willing to inspect our home for weather related damage such as hail. Ahhh, grifters sez I. And then they break out their credentials. I decided to hear them out. Considering our home's roof is only 10 years old and the shingles are disintegrating on the west side of the roof and the aluminum siding has a quantity of sizable dents that are obviously from hail.... and upon lookup, they have a good BBB rating and Angie's List rating, we decided to allow a free inspection and for them to work with our Insurance Company.
Now....... I have to go out and finish the brakes on the minivan (the right rotor I never got to a few days ago, and I need to finish it before we go to CTCA tomorrow for Penny's final chemo treatment).
Another day in Paradise. =) 
It may be 10 years old and have 185,000 miles plus have some minor rust and a leaking valve cover gasket, but she is still "purty". =)

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