Thursday, June 27, 2013

Will someone PLEASE turn off the rain?

The weather pattern here by Casa Andersen has been putting almost every inch of moisture coming out of the Gulf Of Mexico or the Western Rockies through our corridor of loveliness (between Rockford and Huntley) for over 3 months. 6 inches of the stuff at last count from yesterday (buckets started pouring for hours in the early morning and it drizzled for the rest of the day).

As we have our A/C on (set to 75 degrees), our inert gas filled windows are showing moisture in the upper windows this am  all around our house. That means, the dew point / humidity is at a saturation point.


Our jungle called a lawn needs to be mowed. I know that sounds insensitive considering how some areas of the country are going through drought, but really (rain everyday)? Is this Seattle?

The low pressure systems that keep passing through are FEEDING my gout attacks like nothing I have ever experienced. I am now officially in awful pain for going on my 2nd week. It is 5:10 am and I cannot get any sleep. I cannot get anything done around the house. I feel like a prisoner of my own body. I know there are vets out there dealing with lost limbs and horrific injuries... but can I just describe the stabbing pain going on in my left foot's big toe? I am at a point that if I could lop off the foot and use a prosthesis to walk around (and if it was a choice), that I would take that choice. I can't begin to describe the pain (and it isn't just as I try to walk/hobble/crawl, it is when I am sitting down or trying to sleep).

My work trying to deal with the paperwork jungle is at a snails pace as a result (and Penny would like her Kitchen table back). Just give us more than 1 day of High Pressure and some sun.... it's not much to ask.

~from the hurtlocker of pain

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