Sunday, June 23, 2013

Well, Penny is not having a good day physically.

Yesterday, Penny spent the day with her friends (it was a good friend's birthday) and she also went with them in the evening for a girls nite out (she actually engaged in some dancing for the first time in a very long time). Unfortunately, she is paying the price for that today (and since my gout is still in full flare up, we felt we couldn't make it to church without making things worse).

She now remembers why she needs to take it easy after chemo treatments (and I will be sure to remind her the next 3 weeks). We'll have to be sure to listen to the mp3 version of the sermon (its been a while since we missed Church).

I am starting to see why my mother (who died of pancreatic cancer in 2009) had such difficulties taking care of day to day activities (and why the house eventually became unmanageable regarding it's care). I have so many projects on hold while I try to recover from the latest gout attack (and Summer is now here). I feel like I am getting nothing accomplished (because I spend so much time working on my unemployment effort at finding a viable job and spend an inordinate time trying to get past government bureaucracy regarding benefits that by any measure, we should be eligible for).

I will have to spend some time with the Bible today and ascertain why I am feeling so low (and give it to God and trust in HIM instead of sweating the small stuff as I tend to do).

Its supposed to be a hot day and I still have the lawn to do (with all the rain, it is growing at a very fast rate... thank God we still have the 25 yr old Montgomery Wards riding lawn mower that works as good as the day it was built). Without that hydrostatic drive (no clutch, automatic transmission), I wouldn't know what I would do. As it is going to rain all day today & tomorrow, I'll just have to do it another day. In the interim, I just started bleeding urologically, so I have to deal with another issue due to the medication I am taking on top of it all. :(

In the interim, I will day dream about being at Illinois beach with Penny.

~ Steinar

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