Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's 4:40 am on Sunday morning, and I can't get any sleep.

We have Church to go to in 5 1/2 hours, and I am looking everywhere online for a job. I'm awake as I have been taking my Excedrin  / Aleve cocktail for 6 days straight to deal with my gout attack and the caffeine has me wired for sound. Here is my foot as of a few minutes ago:

A former co-worker emailed me a link to a job (at a former employers), and I made up my mind that I had enough of high pressure cooker positions (where one is an island and where one has to drive over 100 miles a day). And there was a reason why that job has a revolving door (and the posting actually states "high pressure environment"). Don't I know it (no thank you).

Stress contributes to gout attacks (I am quite sure that Penny's medical situation where she is now getting chemo after we decided not to have her bladder removed yet is not helping my stress levels). Also, the State of Illinois' continued efforts to state they haven't received my documentation for Vetcare are also not helping.

So, my efforts are to find a job that will cause me as little stress as possible that is close enough to my home so I can be there for my family (I have always worked 38 miles or farther from my house since 1990 and it is past old). I am not sure such a job exists. On Illinois Joblink, my searches come up with zero results for the background I have..... not a good sign at all.

The upside right now is that Penny hasn't shown any adverse effects yet from the Chemo on Friday, and she is sleeping tonight and I haven't seen her get up to go to the bathroom yet (bonus). So, hopefully that will continue for the rest of this early morning...... while I stare at the Super Moon and the ceiling for the next 4 hours.........

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