Monday, June 10, 2013

I received a denial from the VA that makes no sense.

I received a letter from the VA on Saturday (a "denial" regarding "Decision on Waiver"). I haven't a clue what this decision is about as it states:
  • "Dear Veteran - your request for a waiver of your co-payment debt has been thoroughly reviewed and denied based on one or more of the following reason(s): There is no current balance on your account".

So this appears to be a cart before the horse decision by the VA (as far as I know, I haven't had a decision yet from the VA regarding my hardship request for VA healthcare, so how can they then make a decision regarding copayments or copayment debt that isn't there as I have not yet been approved for VA healthcare)? I am thoroughly confused at this point (and I am usually pretty good at keeping track of what is going on around me).
If anyone has any insight regarding this, please go ahead and comment to bring me up to speed. :)
In the interim, we are scheduled for this Friday to meet with Cancer Treatment Center of America regarding the pathology report from Penny's surgery 2 Fridays ago (Oncologist, Urologist, and the supporting specialties). We wish we could move the meeting up, but they have many patients to work with so we will do our best to remain patient.

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