Sunday, June 2, 2013

Home again, Home again.... jiggity jig. :-)

Homeward bound. :-)

We spent yesterday checking out of the hospital room and going to the Beach again so Penny could enjoy some time enjoying the outdoors after being cooped up for 2 days following her Surgery.

This picture was right before we went to grab a bite to eat. The pain from the stent is gone, but the burning sensation is still there from the catheter removal. We are tentatively set to see the doctors within the next week to two weeks (I am going to try to get an appointment for this coming Friday) so we can adjust to what the pathology reports show on Wednesday.

Today, we checked out of the Hotel and got to our area in time to stop by the Fox Valley Church right after second service.

We were able to see good friends and supporters (and Church family), and were positively reinforced by the hand of God that plays such an important role in our lives. So many people praying for Penny's health and wellness, it is truly humbling. FVC is an extending member of our family, and we truly love everyone there (and how Jesus moves mountains there).

We then drove home to see the kids (Travis..... Maggie, and Pebbles). Penny promised to relax and not unpack until later (and only if Travis did the lifting). It is 6:36 pm and she hasn't yet lifted any of our bags..... so far so good. :-)


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