Sunday, May 26, 2013

State of Illinois - the frustrations of dealing with agencies (while walking on thin ice for fear of offending the worker handling one's case).

So, to celebrate this Memorial Day, we got to enjoy opening up a letter yesterday from the State of Illinois (Vetcare) telling me I am denied Vetcare benefits because I did not submit my wife's disability check stub and my DD214 to them by 4/30/2013. Mind you, it was given to the local Elgin, Illinois VSO (Veterans Services Officer), who forwarded it to the State's Field Service Manager, who forwarded it to the Vetcare office in the 3rd week in April. So in the interim, I have officially had my file lost by the Woodstock VSO last November, who didn't respond to any inquiry on my part for 4 months (emails and his office was closed every time I visited), and now my paperwork is in "dev null" (limbo) while the State of Illinois states they never got my paperwork. One just can't make this stuff up. I am a pro-active and organized guy who documents everything (and follows through), I can't imagine how vets who are not in a stable situation handle such idiotic agencies.
So, please support your local vet today and feel for them (they are doing more than having served their country, many are also fighting the government to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve after they finished serving.... the least of which is to have a address in which to send a classified or over night letter that is signature verified.... and a case worker available for a call). Accountability.... our government needs to learn it.

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