Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pageviews from Russia, Germany, & Norway in the first week of this Blog being up? Wow. :-)

The tools that come with are pretty robust (for a free web solution). Seeing from where people redirect from to come to our Blog plus where they are in the world is quite interesting.

We are up to 250 Page views and I am hoping that this will increase once others start interacting with us. The fact that the world can interact with us is incredible and most humbling.

Travis has essentially been a trooper keeping the house and the dogs in order while we get his mother's medical situation stabilized, we are so proud of the young lad.... it can't be measured.

If anyone stumbles across our Blog, please chime in and let us know who you are (and if you are another cancer survivor or are facing cancer for the first time..... we hope you learn something from our experiences). :-)

Today is supposed to be storming in our little corner of the world. Tomorrow's Cystoscopy awaits Penny, and soon we will have more answers to our questions (and we can plan out the next 6 months of our lives). It may be storming, but the future is so bright now.... we gotta wear shades.

Many blessings to one and all ~ Steinar

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