Friday, May 31, 2013

Cystoscopy completed. 2 more tumors found / removed. :-(

    <Penny ~ right before Surgery this morning>


the good news is that Penny is out if surgery (as of 9:30 am). The not so good news, 2 more tumors were removed (along with the stent) at the left ureter. We will know the pathology by next Wednesday (multiple biopsies were done regarding tissue in her bladder). The fact that 2 grew in less than 3 months confirms (in my mind) that the diagnosis of the cancer being "High Grade" is spot on. We will be deciding her future treatment next week, and all options are now on the table (it's just a matter of what is recommended and what Penny wants to do).

She is in recovery and is staying in the hospital through tomorrow. Once she is released, we will be going home until next Wed or Friday (when we'll meet with the urologist and the oncologist).

She is in a lot of pain tonight and so I went home so as to not irritate her migraine (her request). I am hoping she recovers a lot better than she has in the past after such procedures <knock on wood>.

<Penny ~ this afternoon after Surgery>


  1. Best wishes to you both as you continue to go through this!

  2. Praying for you whenever you come to mind. In His love, Nadine


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