Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cancer Treatment Centers of America ~ Bladder Cancer journey

We've been here for a week and things are starting to get serious (we are going through the evaluation process and they are now getting an idea of what we've been facing).
After our initial discussion with our oncologist, it's official. We are looking at the possibility of a Cystectomy now officially being on the table as a treatment option (depending on the results of the Cystoscopy this Friday).
CTCOA took a look at the 4 Pathology reports provided by Sherman Hospital and did their own review of the specimens also. 3 of their 5 Pathologists reviewed them as they believed that the lab that Sherman Hospital used possibly does not a strong enough staining process (as they believe Penny's specimen's indicated papillary urothelial carcinoma - high grade) whereas Sherman's Pathologist determined papillary urothelial carcinomas - low grade. This difference is huge when it comes to treatment decisions. So Penny's Cystoscopy on Friday takes on a more important role in the planning of her treatment from this point on. They will be taking multiple tissue samples and will be testing them. Depending on the results, we will know if we continue with the every 3 month Cystoscopy and BCG treatment every 6 months... or we are looking at a "Neo Bladder" procedure (which is a very difficult surgery). Tomorrow is the consult with the Pulmonary specialist..... Thursday is a day to rest right before the Cystoscopy on Friday. We will need many prayers that Penny does not have an adverse reaction after this procedure.
A long week ahead folks......

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