Thursday, May 30, 2013

A lazy day today (Tomorrow is the big day ~ Cystoscopy at 7:30 am)

Today was a free day for Penny and I to be husband and wife (in other words, she wanted to see Gurnee Mills). So, we went to the hospital for breakfast, then went to Gurnee Mills (and she got 1 bag at "Shoppers World" for $15.99 and another 5 bags of the same price for free.... essentially 6 handbags for $15.99). "Score" said she..... :-) We did a lot of window shopping (as after all, I am unemployed at the moment). I just figured she needed an opportunity to just "be normal" after being around so many people with Cancer this past week. After that, we went back to the hospital (NY Strip Steak plus roasted red potatoes for $1.15 each).... the one thing for sure, we weren't going to miss that (and the meal was incredible for Hospital food). We then went back to the hotel so she could rest and go to bed early as tomorrow will be a VERY early day.

Regarding surgery tomorrow, we'll be at the hospital @ 5:45 am for pre-op. The Cystoscopy should take about 90 to 180 minutes. They will be determining if the stent area in the left side of the bladder is inflamed (by the left ureter), and that stent will most likely be removed. If any tumors, they will be removed. They will be also be taking multiple samples from other parts of her bladder and sending them to pathology as well (to determine if there are any rogue cells). If her bladder can handle it and it is needed to prevent blocking, they will add a new stent.

By 9:30 am, we should now if her bladder is clear or if there has been additional cancer (and how much), we are praying for a clear of tumor bladder and that her blood in the urine is from an infection only.

I am praying that worst case scenario isn't there (where the cancer has spread and the surgery becomes something more significant, such as bladder removal (and the making of a new bladder out of intestine). I will update everyone by 10:00 am (by facebook on Penny's FB wall).

A lot of praying will be going on tonight. We'd appreciate as much from all whom we know and hold dear......


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