Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A beautiful moment in time ~ A day at Illinois Beach State Park

After we were done with our last appointment with a doctor @ Cancer Treatment Center of America (in Zion), we went to Illinois Beach State Park to see their facilities. Given the cost to stay there daily is $25.00 a day (and the subsidized Hotel rate from CTCOA is $40.00 a day), we are looking at the possibility of taking our travel trailer here when Penny is @ CTCOA for many days regarding treatment for her Bladder Cancer.

This turned into a wonderful outing for Penny and I (we enjoyed the waves, the tree we were sitting under next to the beach, the sun, the bird life, and the lack of boats on the water). Stunningly, just 2 miles north around the bend, is the Nuclear Power plant in Zion that is being decommissioned..... so it is a surreal experience.
The RV spaces look wonderful (especially spaces 315 and 317 which have a short 100 yard trail to the actual beach), so when Penny's Cystoscopy is done and things settle down, we may spend 2 days here next week if it is possible. The experience really perked Penny up, and I can't tell you how much that made my week. :-)

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